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The Fetish Bunny

2012-10-24 20:08 | Comments: 2

This erotic bunny in black is actually a cool money saving box you can put on your desk, perhaps storing your savings for your next catsuit or bunny suit. Interior design item by KARE.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Black fetish bunny in rubber by KARE

The Fantasy Outfits Of Ring*Con 2012

2012-10-20 14:06 | Comments: 3

Fans in costume alert at RingCon, the Lord Of The Rings convention in Bonn, Germany. Plus: fan pictures of Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones) and Craig Horner from Legend of the Seeker.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

RingCon 2012 Fantasy Outfits: Batman and Kara

Links à la Mode: Lolita Fashion

2012-10-05 03:46 | Comments: 3

This week's Links à la Mode is mostly about Baroque and Rococo, such as this lovely report by Intrinsically Florrie about Japanese Lolita brand Juliette et Justine at London's Tea Party Club.

Photo credit: Intrinsically Florrie

Lolita Fashion: Juliette et Justine at the Tea Party Club

Le Colonie: Farm Holidays In Vinci

2012-10-03 22:23 | Comments: 2

Situated about two kilometers outside of Vinci, the lovely farmhouse "Tenuta le Colonie" features six autonomous apartments (colonies), a swimming pool and the magical atmosphere of Tuscany.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

The garden of Le Colonie with a large flower pot

Kip Winger On Tour: Can't Get Enuff

2012-09-24 23:57 | Comments: 0

Hard rock artist Kip Winger @ "local" bar in Vienna

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Kip Winger Europe Tour 2012 @ local bar in Vienna

Tattoos & Tights

2012-09-20 00:26 | Comments: 6

Explosive or Not? Palmers launches new pantyhose collection T&T with tattooish elements, geometric ornaments and brocade patterns. A pantyhose suitable for your next burlesque party?

Photo credit: Palmers

Palmers Snake Pantyhose

Captain Jack Sparrow

2012-09-13 17:24 | Comments: 3

My fearless and beardless interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow :P At the Gothic party "Schwarzer Reigen" in front of Neugebäude Palace. Costume by Xena ♥ Aye, Aye!

Photo credit: Xena Live | Viki Secrets

Captain Jack Sparrow @ Schwarzer Reigen

Vinci, Italy: The Leonardo Museum

2012-09-12 14:15 | Comments: 3

A visit to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Vinci, Italy, shows the famous painter of Mona Lisa from a different angle, as an incredible engineer, architect and scientist.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Vitruvian Man Sculpture in Vinci, Italy

Vienna Fashion Week 12: The Schedule

2012-09-06 19:34 | Comments: 0

A week full of fashion and lifestyle events, including the Bloggers FashionCamp, the Thai workshop Tattoo After Death by Wonder Anatomie, and the fashion shows of the Vienna Fashion Week.

Photo credit: Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz

Kathrin Werderitsch for the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2012 Campaign

Vinci, The Hometown Of Leonardo da Vinci

2012-08-30 14:04 | Comments: 7

Vinci is a small medieval town, located in Tuscany, near Florence and Empoli, and best known as the hometown of Renaissance man and polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Church Of The Holy Cross in Vinci, Italy. Chiesa di Santa Croce.