Splinterlands // Chaos Whispers, Creating amazing voice overs with AI

Splinterlands // Chaos Whispers, Creating amazing voice overs with AI

2024-05-07 11:49 | Comments: 0

Introducing Chaos Whispers, a fanart narrative song with amazing AI-generated voice-overs about one of the first fantasy trading card-based crypto games: Splinterlands.

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

Splinterlands Chaos Whispers. AI-generated song.

Splinterlands Chaos Whispers. AI-generated song (Udio)

Chaos Whispers


License: Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

What is Udio?

Udio is an AI-powered text-to-audio platform that allows you to create high-quality music tracks and songs by just text-prompting it. It also supports vocals and custom lyrics. This is wild.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is on of the first fantasy-themed collectible trading card crypto game established in 2018. Imagine it as a digital counterpart to "Magic: The Gathering" or Pokémon cards. Each card possesses unique properties and can be strategically deployed in battles against fellow users. By participating in duels, tournaments, and team-based brawls, players have the opportunity to earn in-game assets and crypto tokens.


In the depths of Splinterlands, where the light dares not tread,
Thaddius whispers, vows of dread.
"Dear Thaddius, let us spread darkness in this world,
Until the sun is no more, and the chaos unfolds."

Tarsa always gets what Tarsa wants!

Mycelia, queen of the fungal throne,
Her Slipspawn lures, in the dark they've grown.
Opponents drawn to a battle unseen,
Her Infantry strikes, swift and keen.

"Hear me and tremble. Approach and embrace oblivion,"
Doctor Blight's call, a sinister pavilion.
The Shadow Snitches, silent they glide,
More than observers, in shadows they confide.

Tarsa always gets what Tarsa wants!

In the clash of steel and spells, her will haunts.
With fire and fury, flawless victory.

In the Splinterlands, where darkness reigns,
The battle rages on, through the pains.
But remember the words, the monsters decree,
In this land of chaos, victory is ours.


This song was co-created with the magic of AI (udio, GPT-4, copilot, kapwing).

Battle on!

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