Welcome to the Darkness

Graffiti Art by Ukrainian artist Vika

2024-07-05 11:21 | Comments: 0

Vitalina tokenized this cool graffiti art depicting herself. Are self-portraits as NFT crypto artwork a new trend?

Artwork credit: Vitalina

Graffiti Art Crypto NFT by Ukrainian artist Vitalina Vika

Splinterlands // Chaos Whispers, Creating amazing voice overs with AI

2024-05-07 11:49 | Comments: 0

Introducing Chaos Whispers, a fanart narrative song with amazing AI-generated voice-overs about one of the first fantasy trading card-based crypto games: Splinterlands.

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

Splinterlands Chaos Whispers. AI-generated song.

The Bitcoin Tale: AI-generated meme song

2024-04-17 11:05 | Comments: 0

AI is wild, so is the history of Bitcoin. Tune into the ultimate Bitcoin AI-generated meme song "The Bitcoin Tale", inspired by by r/wallstreetbets "The Tendieman".

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

The Bitcoin Tale AI-generated Cover Pixel Art

web3 horizon // hive AI song

2024-04-16 10:47 | Comments: 0

Introducing the hive blockchain song: Web3 Horizon. In the digital realm where ideas flow, there's a place where the crypto-natives go.

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

Web3 Horizon Hive Blockchain Song Cover Art Cyberpunk Bee

My first AI-generated song

2024-04-13 20:59 | Comments: 0

Pixelated Dream. ChatGPT-moment for music. Udio allows you to create studio-qualtiy songs with just a prompt. This is wild.

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

Pixelated Dream. AI-generated cover art.

Your Dark Copy

2024-03-22 11:02 | Comments: 0

Embracing the darkness, your inner demon, your mischievous shadow. NFT collectible by 2315art.

Artwork credit: crowley2315

Your dark copy Crypto Art NFT by 2315art

Crypto Miner #nsfw

2024-02-16 11:47 | Comments: 0

Life is hard and costly, work is exhausting, we create our tools, spent sleepless nights and days, and in the end we will have a small treasure that we cannot enjoy.

Artwork credit: ofabastard


All I want for xmas is ___

2023-12-26 11:12 | Comments: 0

The ultimate gift for the 21st century. Celebrating xmas with this cool Christmas-themed Bitcoin artwork.

Artwork credit: Viki Secrets

Bitcoin Xmas Crypto Art NFT

Body Pleasure #nsfw

2023-12-01 10:39 | Comments: 0

A pencil drawing of a girl exploring her body and experiencing pleasure. Not safe for work ;)

Artwork credit: gooze


Sunset in the desert

2023-10-06 11:26 | Comments: 0

May every sunrise bring you hope, may every sunset bring you peace. Beautiful crypto artwork by Ukrainian artist Vitalina.

Artwork credit: Vitalina

Sunset in the desert NFT cryptoart