web3 horizon // hive AI song

web3 horizon // hive AI song

2024-04-16 10:47 | Comments: 0

Introducing the hive blockchain song: Web3 Horizon. In the digital realm where ideas flow, there's a place where the crypto-natives go.

Song credit: Viki Secrets | Udio

Web3 Horizon Hive Blockchain Song Cover Art Cyberpunk Bee

Web3 Horizon. AI-generated song (Udio)

Web3 Horizon // hive blockchain song


License: Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

What is Udio?

Udio is an AI-powered text-to-audio platform that allows you to create high-quality music tracks and songs by just text-prompting it. It also supports vocals and custom lyrics. This is wild.


In the digital realm where ideas flow,
There's a place where the crypto-natives go.
Hive blockchain, oh so vast,
A social hub that's built to last.

(We've found our crypto space)

Play to earn, in the web3 wave,
Splinterlands battles, be brave.
Censorship resistance, a voice so free,
On the Hive, be who you want to be.

From blog posts to the gaming thrills,
It's the users who have the skills.
To earn their crypto, make their mark,
Lighting up the web with a decentralized spark.

So here's to the future, it's bright and it's clear,
On the Hive blockchain, we have nothing to fear.
Together we stand, in the web3 space,
On the Hive, we've found our crypto space.


This is my first song with vocals, co-created with the magic of AI (udio, GPT-4, copilot).

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