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CALLISTI Gladiators and Concubines

2011-05-30 17:46 | Comments: 0

Zuccabar's Concubine is a fashion collection for modern gladiators and concubines, devoted to Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Type Sex With Durex

2011-05-27 13:57 | Comments: 4

The Idea: Don't tell it demonstrate it. — A tag cloud inspired ad for Durex playing with typography only.

Illustration by Andrej Krahne for Durex

Typography Ad: Type Sex With Durex

Typography: Subpixel Font Rendering

2011-05-25 17:47 | Comments: 4

If you are writing your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), pay attention to subpixel rendering: Use pixels, not points!

Links á la Mode TECH inside

IE9 Subpixel Font Rendering vs. IE8 Whole Pixel Rendering

Dsquared at Life Ball 2011

2011-05-22 23:21 | Comments: 0

A mix of cowboy glamor, seventies chic, rockabilly and sex appeal — The fashion show by the Canadian duo Dean and Dan Caten rocked the Life Ball 2011.

Photo credit: Life Ball © Laurent Ziegler

Life Ball 2011 Dsquared2

CALLISTI Motion Shots by Erik Bont

2011-05-19 00:38 | Comments: 2

Lash cracking (e)motion  captured by Erik Bont
Model Ina Mayer | Hair & Make-up Katrin Burtscher

Photo credit: Erik Bont for CALLISTI

CALLISTI Fashion Lash Cracking Motion by Erik Bont

Welcome To Cape Town – CALLISTI

2011-05-16 19:04 | Comments: 4

"Sands & Silence" by CALLISTI
photographed by Bob Leinders in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photo credit: Bob Leinders for CALLISTI

Callisti Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Cape Town

The Rise Of The Bloggers

2011-05-11 15:52 | Comments: 1

According to Alexa if you combine all blogs hosted on, blogs are suddenly the number 5 most visited Internet resource in the world, right after Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo. — Source: Alexa

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Alexa Daily Reach

Hundertwasser Museum Kunst Haus Wien

2011-05-09 22:14 | Comments: 0

An uneven floor is a melody to the feet — Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), Austrian painter and most famous for his unconventional architectural design and colorful expressionist buildings.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Kunst Haus Wien Museum Hundertwasser

Bing Picture Of The Day

2011-05-04 16:51 | Comments: 1

One inspiring photo a day — Links á la Mode TECH and my favorite feature of the Bing search engine.

Photo credit: Bing | SIME eStock Photo

Bing Empire State Building

Art Noir by HR Giger

2011-05-03 15:04 | Comments: 6

Exhibition in KUNST HAUS WIEN devoted to the influentual Swiss painter and sculptor HR Giger, who received an Oscar for his creations in the film Alien. His oeuvre — varied, surrealistic, fetishistic, morbid, nightmarish but always exceptionally aesthetic.

Painting Li I, 1974 | Photo credit: Roland Gretler | HR Giger 2011

HR Giger Li I