I like the Like Button T-Shirt

I like the Like Button T-Shirt

2011-08-09 18:14 | Comments: 0

Like buttons are now everywhere, even on t-shirts. Also note the strategical placement of the like button: Fishing for Likes Hugs and some thoughts about Facebook & Co.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Like Button T-Short "Gefällt mir"

Hi, I spotted this cool T-Shirt with a German ("gefällt mir") like button in the Syndikat fashion store @ Lugner City.

It reflects how ubiquitous Facebook and the Like button have become. The WWW has recently turned 20 years old and it is fascinating to see how it is evolving.

Facebook is certainly a milestone in the history of the Web, because it combined so many social services into one. Many of them existed before, but were spread across many individual Web 2.0 sites. Every site just offered one thing at a time, such as dating, chatting, sharing links, photos or videos (but not both), online gaming, creating blogs, reading feeds, webmail and search. Almost everyone and everything is now on Facebook.

What is the next big thing?

I think we will see a lot more creative, useful and crazy services pop up in Facebook and other competing social networks. How about a (micro) payment service for example? Or would a music or video on demand service not be cool?

Of course, I am also closely following the development of Google+, which is for me something between Twitter (concept of following somebody unidirectionally, more news driven) and Facebook (more social driven).

Google Plus

I do not have a Google+ account yet (do not feel the need to have one at the moment, invested already a lot of time into fb). I also anticipate we will see more fine grained control over sharing and how our news feed is filtered in the future. Circles are great for doing that, but Facebook has already similar features such as Friend Lists, Groups and Pages. +1 for Google Plus being ads and games free at the moment, but hey, do not forget, Google is all about advertising.

Like Button T-Shirt

You can find the like button t-shirt in many colors in the Syndikat shop @ Lugner City. Here is a picture of the infamous shopping center in Vienna:

Lugner City Wien Vienna

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