Links à la Mode: Blogger Bashing

Links à la Mode: Blogger Bashing

2011-08-12 20:56 | Comments: 0

Another round-up of inspirational and educational posts is here, including a response to a Wordpress blog, which is famous for bashing popular fashion bloggers.

Photo credit: Love At First Blush

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Hi, there is a bunch of blogs and YouTube channels out there, which do nothing else except bashing other popular fashion bloggers. While this can sometimes be fun, more often it is not and can hurt other bloggers. ckms has written a response to one such incident.

Also in this issue: a journey into a shoe designer's closet by Love At First Blush, Incognito explains how perfume bottles are the best models for a fashion designer, and Click Click Flash reports on the latest menswear trends on texture.

My recent post The Photography Business & The American Dream also made it into this round-up :) Learn why photographers are basically only selling their time and have almost "no leverage".

Links à la Mode

One of the major perks of being a fashion blogger is joining a rich community of people to learn from. This week’s links are all about education – from posts that take a critical look at fashion-inspired books, to an inside look at the much buzzed about fashion summer camp.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out a link to our favorite education event... the upcoming IFB Conference! We hope you enjoy (and learn something, too!)

Links – August 11th

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