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The Special Agent

2010-09-13 11:38 | Comments: 1

Fashion by G-STAR RAW (jacket) and Sisley (shirt). Sunglasses by Ray-Ban. Fashion Show by Melissa J. Karsten MJK.

Photo credit: Pushing Pixels

The Special Agent | Photos by Pushing Pixels | Fashion by G-STAR RAW (jacket) and Sisley (shirt), Sunglasses by Ray-Ban | Fashion Show by Melissa J. Karsten MJK

Video: Mühlbauer Headwear

2010-09-09 10:39 | Comments: 0

"No new hat" became the working title for the Mühlbauer Autumn Winter Collection 2010/11 and refers to the indestructibility and used look of Mühlbauer's new headwear.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Red Carpet Interview In Nova TV

2010-09-06 23:37 | Comments: 2

If fashion designers demand taller and thinner models, then androgyny is the consequence of this demand.

Video credit: Nova TV

Nova TV Red Carpet Show

Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks

2010-09-03 11:17 | Comments: 0

She looked at him with pleeding eyes
He softly spoke my dear love has died.

Video credit: misskarenelson

Fetish Shoot In Vogue Paris: Corps d’Elite

2010-08-31 22:20 | Comments: 1

Photo credit: Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris
Models: Natasha Poly & Jamie Dornan
| Styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Corps d’Elite Natasha Poly & Jamie Dornan (c) Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris

Black And White

2010-08-27 15:49 | Comments: 0

Fashion by Angel Transformation. Shoes by Miss Sixty. Hair by Christian Müller. Make-up by Wolfgang Lindenhofer.

Photo credit: Szymon Olszowski

Black And White | Photo by Szymon Olszowski | Fashion by Angel Transformation | Shoes by Miss Sixty | Hair by Christian Müller | Make-up by Wolfgang Lindenhofer

Doychinoff, Departure Fashion Night 2010

2010-08-17 18:05 | Comments: 0

We investigate the construction of urban space and the exchanges taking place between art, fashion and architecture. Recognising the meanings and locations of space, we identifying our self(s) as a fashion label underpinning, the visual and material fabric of modern life. — Doychinoff

Video credit: Viki Secrets

mija t. rosa, Departure Fashion Night 2010

2010-08-10 18:14 | Comments: 0

Fashion for the film of life — mija t. rosa

Video credit: Viki Secrets