LISKA by Thomas Kirchgrabner

LISKA by Thomas Kirchgrabner

2010-11-10 17:26 | Comments: 2

LISKA's head designer Thomas Kirchgrabner unveils his new fur collection, entitled Apocalypse.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, LISKA is a multi-brand luxury fashion house in the first district of Vienna and renowned for its own and exquisite fur coat collection.

Thomas Kirchgrabner, graduate of the fashion school Herbststrasse, is the head designer of LISKA's own fashion collection, and successor of Thang de Hoo, another famous Austrian designer, who previously led LISKA's creative department.

I recently filmed this show at the 10 Festival and my first impression was the noticeable different audience and the presence of more security personnel than on the other show days.

Of course, I have also thought about the legitimacy of using and wearing real fur, especially if it is only used as a status symbol and artificial replacements with similar quality exist. In my opinion it is sort of a should I eat meat discussion. I think all animals (including humans) depend on other life forms and struggle for ressources.

Since I was a vegetarian myself for two years I understand both sides. It are actually the poor conditions under which animals are raised and kept in mass factory farming, I am not comfortable with.

Regarding the show it is a successful mix of traditional and modern, elegancy and extravagance.

Photo credit: Petra Benovsky for LISKA

LISKA by Thomas Kirchgrabner, Photo by Petra Benovsky

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Bernhard on 2010-11-12 16:55

Hi! Ich liebe das SW Foto der Einladungen zur Fashion Show. Petra Benovsky ist das Model oder? Wer ist dann der oder die FotografIn? LG

@Bernhard: Petra Benovsky ist die Fotografin, finde es auch ganz toll :)

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