Le Colonie: Farm Holidays In Vinci

Le Colonie: Farm Holidays In Vinci

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Situated about two kilometers outside of Vinci, the lovely farmhouse "Tenuta le Colonie" features six autonomous apartments (colonies), a swimming pool and the magical atmosphere of Tuscany.

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The garden of Le Colonie with a large flower pot

The garden of Le Colonie

Hi, welcome back to part III of our Italy tour :) After our visit to the Leonardo Museum, I am now going to show you the beautiful place in the countryside of Vinci, where we were staying.

Agriturismo Tenuta le Colonie

"Tenuta le Colonie" is a magical oasis surrounded by lovely vineyards and the hilly landscape of Tuscany. The farmhouse with six autonomous apartments, also called colonies, is only two kilometers away of the historic center of Vinci, where Leonardo da Vinci came from.

Farmhouse Le Colonie

Let's start our tour with a hike from Vinci to our lovely farmhouse, enjoying the picturesque landscape. It is about a thirty minutes walk from the city center to Le Colonie.

Vinci city sign

Vinci city sign

The road to Le Colonie. A bit bumpy if you go by car ;)

Bumpy road in the countryside

Enjoying the landscape :)

Vineyards near Vinci in Tuscany, Italy

Vineyards near Vinci in Tuscany, Italy


Plants near Vinci

Arriving at Le Colonie. Our apartment (colony) was on the second floor, on the left, where the two windows are open.

Farmhouse Le Colonie

The lovely gate in front of our farmhouse

Le Colonie: The Front Gate

Le Colonie: Sign

Le Colonie: The Front Gate

Agriturismo Tenuta Le Colonie Sign

Here is the gorgeous view from our romantic bedroom window :P There was also an orchestra of cicadas outside. Did you know that male cicadas produce a vibrating, very loud, monotonous sound to attract female mates and some cicadas can even reach a level of up to 120 dB?

Le Colonie: Garden

Le Colonie: Vineyards

Le Colonie: Garden

Having dinner in nature :P

Le Colonie: Dinner in nature

Garden decorations

Le Colonie: Plow Flower Pot

The stove

Le Colonie: Garden Stove

The swimming pool after a storm ;) The weather was however, awesome, with over 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit) every day :D

Le Colonie: Swimming pool after a storm

The eerie bricked well

Le Colonie: The eerie bricked well

Inside look into the well :o

Le Colonie: Inside look into the well

And finally a glimpse into our romantic bedroom :P of Colonia 4. Apartment 4 consisted of a small kitchen (our living and second bedroom), a bathroom and this larger bedroom with a queen-size bed for Xena and me :P

Le Colonie Bedroom

Le Colonie Bedroom Painting

Le Colonie Bedroom Lamp

Le Colonie Bedroom Wallpaper

Bedroom toys ;)

Le Colonie Bedroom Doll

Relaxing in the garden :P

Le Colonie Garden with deck chair and flower pot

Our farmhouse tour ends here. Hope you enjoyed the tour to the countryside and get ready for our next destination, the beach!

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Thanks for reanimating with this review the magic atmosphere of our romantic stay in Tuscany ♥

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