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Gery Keszler revealed a secret at Gustav Klimt inspired Life Ball 2015

2015-05-19 20:26 | Comments: 0

The founder of the Life Ball, Gery Keszler, revealed in an emotional speech that he was one of the very first, infected by HIV/AIDS. Best pics of the golden Life Ball inside this post.

Photo credit: Ellen von Unwerth (poster)

Life Ball 2015 poster with Conchita Wurst as Gustav Klimt's Adele @ Gerngross shopping center. Conchita Wurst photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

Vienna got world famous for its Life Ball and Song Contest themed Traffic Lights

2015-05-16 18:34 | Comments: 0

Vienna got world famous for temporarily displaying mixed and same-sex couples in its pedestrian traffic lights for Life Ball and Song Contest.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

"Ampelpärchen": Pedestrian traffic lights showing same-sex couples in Vienna.

I modeled for Rubberik's Latex Fashion Show (again) :P

2015-04-18 19:24 | Comments: 3

Omg, I performed as a latex model together with Delia, Amilia, Jana, Michaela and Ali for Rubberik's latex fashion show @ Club Mysticum. Check out my custom latex outfit inside this post.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Latex models Delia and Amilia @ Rubberik Latex Fashion Show at Club Mysticum

Random Pics Of Los Angeles #1

2015-04-10 11:41 | Comments: 0

Some random impressions of Los Angeles: RuPaul's Drag Season, XenaCon, LA Xpress, Hollywood Boulevard after the Oscars, ...

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Brand Spanking RU Paul’s Drag Season billboard on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

More From Comics Salón

2015-02-18 20:49 | Comments: 0

More cosplay goodness from Comics Salón in Bratislava. Can you name all the cospaly outfits in the pictures? Post below.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Comics Salon 2014 Cosplay

Death Note #Cosplay

2015-02-07 19:40 | Comments: 0

Shinigami, literally "death god", are the race of extra-dimensional beings who survive by killing humans to extend their own lives.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Death Note Rem cosplay @ Comis Salon 2014

Mass Effect #Cosplay

2015-01-29 14:28 | Comments: 0

Meet EDI, Jack, and Tali from Mass Effect. I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees. That is a joke. — EDI

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

EDI from Mass Effect #cosplay @ Comics Salon 2014

Fantasy Shoot

2015-01-24 21:16 | Comments: 0

I worked as a male art model for make-up artist NK-STYLEART and photographer Thomas Zöchling and here is the fantastic result.

Photo credit: Thomas Zöchling

Fantasy Shoot "Wonder Tree". Make-up and hair art by nk-styleart. Photography by Thomas Zöchling. Model Viktor Krammer.

Have a hardcore holiday

2014-12-24 16:03 | Comments: 4

Season's greetings from Diesel :P

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Hardcore teddy bear. Have a hardcore holiday with Diesel.

Berlinski Beat

2014-12-22 19:11 | Comments: 0

Corvus Corax is BerlinskiBeat. BerlinskiBeat is Corvus Corax. Two gigs by the same band @ Mittelalterspektakel 2014

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

BerlinskiBeat Castus @ Mittelalterspektakel 2014 St. Pölten