9 Amazing Yoga Poses performed by a Pro Yoga Teacher

2018-01-22 22:30 | Comments: 0

I worked a whole afternoon with Maria Sokolova, a very charming and talented Yoga teacher in Vienna, and captured these beautiful and awesome yoga poses.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Upper-body Stretch Yoga Pose by Maria Sokolova

#1 Upper-body stretch

Warrior Yoga Pose

#2 Warrior

3 Three-legged downward dog Yoga Pose

#3 Three-legged downward dog

Dancer Yoga Pose

#4 Dancer

Twist Yoga Pose

#5 Twist

Camel Yoga Pose

#6 Camel

Camel Yoga Pose

#7 Camel Variation

Bow Yoga Pose

#8 Bow. lol, reminds me of a bondage pose :P

Cobra Yoga Pose

#9 Cobra

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