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Scary Outfits

2013-06-19 21:58 | Comments: 0

Castlefest Horror Picture Show. Sexy vamps, zombies and steampunk horror at its best. The most scary and bizarre outfits of Castlefest.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Iron Sky inspired Darth Vader outfit @ Castlefest

Vienna Pride 2013

2013-06-17 01:30 | Comments: 7

Xena & Gabrielle fighting for solidarity, acceptance and equality. And the best, I went as Xena's Gabrielle this year.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Reiterstatue Erzherzog Karl @ Heldenplatz at the Regenbogenparade Wien 2013. Vienna Pride Parade.

Castlefest Outfits #2

2013-06-14 16:28 | Comments: 0

My favorite outfits of the Castlefest. Part #2.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Castlefest Gothic Outfit Riding Crop

Castlefest Outfits #1

2013-06-12 23:49 | Comments: 0

My favorite outfits of the Castlefest. Part #1.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Anja Elzinga aka the Living Dread Doll in a steampunk outfit @ Castlefest 2012

Castlefest Castle

2013-06-08 21:18 | Comments: 0

Castlefest is a large fantasy event in the Netherlands, held in the beautiful gardens of Keukenhof Castle near Lisse on the first weekend of August.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Castlefest: Male Warrior Fantasy Statue

Life Ball 2013: 1,001 Nights

2013-05-30 16:46 | Comments: 3

The highlights of the 21st Life Ball night: enticing Barbara Eden wearing her original "I Dream of Jeannie" outfit, a glamorous Roberto Cavalli fashion show, and everything under the theme of 1,001 Nights.

Photo credit: Life Ball ©

Life Ball 2013: Vienna City Hall, Wien Rathaus

Robert In The Woods

2013-05-25 01:45 | Comments: 2

Male model Robert poses in the woods. Robert loves to go out and has a passion for fashion, women and body building.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Bodybuilder Male Fitness Model In The Woods

Exotic Cocktails

2013-05-18 17:04 | Comments: 0

8 exotic cocktails you probably have not tried yet. Have you also wondered where the word cocktail comes from?

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Berry Cream Cocktail @ Joma Bar Wien

Best Of Foodspotting

2013-05-09 00:48 | Comments: 0

Let's find something delicious. 32 foodspotting pictures I collected over the past year. Warning, do not look at the pics if you are hungry ;)

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Egg dumplings, Eiernockerl @ Hütte am Weg, Wien

Large Mosaic by Christian Ludwig Attersee

2013-04-25 01:58 | Comments: 0

Europe's largest mural mosaic is located above an H&M store in Vienna on Mariahilfer Straße. Designed by Christian Ludwig Attersee for the Atterseehaus.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Mosaic Atterseehaus Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 78-80, by Christian Ludwig Attersee