Soviet Matryoshka Dolls

Soviet Matryoshka Dolls

2013-12-31 15:27 | Comments: 2

My original Soviet dolls aka Matryoshki wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year 2014! What is inside this Russian doll?

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Soviet Matroyshka Thermos Bottle Doll (Матрёшка)

This Soviet Matryoshka doll is actually a thermos bottle, but usually these dolls accommodate similar dolls of decreasing size inside them.

Soviet Matroyshka Thermos Bottle Doll (Матрёшка)

Hi, a Matryoshka doll is usually a wooden nested doll which contains similar dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. Traditionally, the outer layer depicts a rural woman, dressed in a Sarafan, which is a long traditional Russian dress. The innermost doll is typically a baby doll from a single piece of wood.

Soviet Matryoshka Doll

Soviet Matroyshka Outermost Mother Doll (Матрёшка)

Outermost Mother doll

Soviet Matroyshka Medium Doll (Матрёшка)

Medium doll housing the baby doll

Soviet Matroyshka Baby Doll (Матрёшка)

Baby doll

Soviet Matroyshka Dolls (Матрёшка)

Size comparison

Soviet price tag at the bottom of a Matryoshka doll (Матрёшка).

This was the original Soviet price tag at the bottom of the doll. This doll was originally sold for 3 Rubles.

Happy New Year and Welcome 2014!

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I is no SOVIET, but traditional Russian doll.

You are right. The concept itself is a Russian tradition, the title refers that these particular dolls were produced in the Soviet Union ;)

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