MQ Vienna Fashion Week 11

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 11

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Countdown: 7 days to Vienna Fashion Week 2011

Photo credit: Joachim Haslinger

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2011 Guide Cover

Assistant: Florian Mair | Fashion by ep_anoui | Model Nadine Wolfbeisser | Production, Make-up & Styling by Sergej Benedetter | Hair by Mario Gutmann | Retouch by Andreas Furtner

Hi, New York, London and Berlin have one. And since 2009 Vienna is also among the major cities devoting an entire week to our fashion designers and calling that week "Fashion Week".

The official goal of the week is to bring potential buyers (retail and wholesale) together with talented fashion designers, but the event also creates exposure and excitement (good for marketing ;) and most shows are also open to the public (if you managed to get a ticket of course).

About 70 national and international designers are participating this year, most of them have established a niche market in Austria and run their own fashion shop in Vienna.

If you have not bought a "VIP ticket" you can even risk not getting into the fashion tent because of the run on the popular prime time shows.

I will try to keep you updated on my Facebook Page next week. So stay tuned!

Fashion Blogger Side Events

FashionCamp Vienna
Saturday, Sept 10th 2011
@ The Hub Vienna

Fashion Blogger Lunch
Friday, Sept 16th 2011
@ 25hour Hotel

MQVFW11 Fashion Shows

Wednesday, Sept 14th

17.00  Rebekka Ruetz
18.00  Bipone
19.00  Michel Mayer
20.00  Elfenkleid
21.00  ep_anoui by Eva Poleschinski
22.00  Cindy Steffens

Thursday, Sept 15th

16.00  Angel of Pleasure
17.00  Studio B3
18.00  Maldoror
| Agata Wojtkiewicz | Natalia Jaroszewska
19.00  Andy Wolf
| Superated
20.00  Callisti
21.00  Andreea Tincu
22.00  Manufaktur Herzblut

Friday, Sept 16th

15:00 Fashion Show
16.00  Pitour
| Wandelbar
17.00  Shakkei
18.00  Liniert
19.00  Kayiko
20.00  Tiberius
21.00  Etxeberria
| Krizia Robustella
22.00  Edith A'Gay
| And_i

Saturday, Sept 17th

15.00  R! by Dominique Raffa | Ruins of Modernity | Valentina Azizova
16.00  Göttin des Glücks
17.00  km/a
| Aquanauta | Nubu
18.00  NEON
| Fabio Gurjao
19.00  Anelia Peschev
20.00  Maibe
| Mosstories | Dusk till Dawn | Wonder Anatomie
21.00  Marcel Ostertag
22.00  Lena Hoschek       

Sunday, Sept 18th

15.00  Ina Kent
16.00  Veni Creatrix
17.00  Art point
18.00  Artista
| Konsanszky
19.00  Sabine Karner
20.00  Gola Zumbulidze |Tamara Kopaliani
21.00  Urban Fashion Night by Mario Soldo

After Show Parties

Wednesday, Sept 14th

21.30 [ep_anoui] @ MQ Fashion Lounge (Invite only)

Thursday, Sept 15th

19.00 Rebekka Ruétz @ Senses
20.30 Callisti @ MQ Fashion Lounge
22.00 Tingel Tangel & LILA @ Rote Bar

Friday, Sept 16th

20.30 Kayiko @ Kayiko Shop
21.00 TIBERIUS @ Le Meridien
22.00 Look Models Clubbing hosted by EDITH A’GAY @ Passage
22.00 Clubside Down
| Philipp Van Het Veld + DJ Bektobek @ Salon Leopold
23.00 FUCK me NOW & LOVE me LATER @ Säulenhalle Volksgarten

Saturday, Sept 17th

21.00  Official MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 11 Party
@ Pratersauna

Sunday, Sept 18th

20.30 Urban Fashion Night hosted by motheragency
Official MQVFW11 Closing Party
@ MQ Fashion Lounge

Cover Shooting by Joachim Haslinger

Photo credit: Joachim Haslinger | Assistant: Florian Mair | Fashion by Thomas Kirchgrabner, ep_anoui, Anelia Peschev and Mangelware | Model Nadine Wolfbeisser | Production, Make-up & Styling by Sergej Benedetter | Hair by Mario Gutmann | Retouch by Andreas Furtner

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2011 Shooting

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MQ Vienna Fashion Week

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Vienna Fashion Week 11 Video Stills

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