FashionCamp Vienna 2010: Video Summary

FashionCamp Vienna 2010: Video Summary

2010-09-28 23:23 | Comments: 6

First blogger-generated conference about fashion in Vienna

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, the FashionCamp Vienna was not only the first BarCamp about fashion in Vienna, but also my first BarCamp (un)conference I attended & co-organized.

An unwritten BarCamp rule is to present something if it is your first BarCamp.

Since it was my first, I prepared a statistics session about fashion bloggers based on the Technorati State Of The Blogosphere blogger study.

The State Of The Fashion Blogosphere

I analyzed the number of active fashion blogs (as opposed to spam, inactive or corporate/news rss feeds). Of course, it is difficult to count the number, but if you take a look into fashion blogger networks and blogrolls you get quite a good estimate.

Session videos (recorded by Luca)

A talk I would like to highlight is Milchmädchenblogger (Naive Bloggers) by Mary Sherpe, who raised some valid and interesting points about the (marketing) value of blogs and the potential misuse of young & naive bloggers by marketing departments of large companies. Her talk leaded to a very emotional discussion about gifts, advertorials, and paid content.

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sehr sehr cooles video!!

Danke, Michi, ach ja, ich bin auch ein Milchmädchenblogger :)

Echt super das Video! Thx

@Ivy, thx and your blog title is really cool!

konnte leider nicht dabei sein, weiß also nicht was du zur präsentation gesagt hast, aber die fakten sind auch so sehr interessant. merci dafür und auch für das unterhaltende video!

@katherine: Danke für dein Feedback, ich finde die Vielfalt an Blogs so faszinierend :)

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