CALLISTI Gladiators and Concubines

CALLISTI Gladiators and Concubines

2011-05-30 17:46 | Comments: 0

Zuccabar's Concubine is a fashion collection for modern gladiators and concubines, devoted to Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, if you want to be a modern gladiator or a submissive concubine (or both), Callisti might have the right outfit for you.

The ancient Greek inspired collection is made of synthetic leather, featuring shoulder and body-accentuating cuts with eye-catching ribs (narrow stripes cut out of the leather) allowing glimpses beneath Callisti's fashion armor.

Needless to say, that I love those cut-out ribs and the entire gladiator and concubine concept :) By the way this is my first video of our local fashion week, the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 10.

What would you like to be? A Gladiator or Concubine?

The Gladiator

CALLISTI MQ Vienna Fashion Week Gladiator Dress

CALLISTI MQ Vienna Fashion Week Gladiator Dress

Zuccabar's Concubine

CALLISTI MQ Vienna Fashion Week Concubine Dress

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