FashionCamp Vienna 2nd Edition

FashionCamp Vienna 2nd Edition

2011-09-12 21:13 | Comments: 5

A fashion conference for bloggers by bloggers @ The Hub Vienna

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

FashionCamp Vienna 2011 @ The Hub

Hi, Vienna has a blooming fashion blogger scene, which is amazingly well organized and currently counts 83 active members on our secret ;) Facebook group.

The FashionCamp Vienna was established last year as a barcamp-like event mainly for and by bloggers. While it was originally inspired by loosely organized barcamps, its format changed a bit this year and evolved towards a more professional conference format.

Most noteably the informal introduction round was dropped, and secondly the conference program and speakers were already announced beforehand.

Besides the above changes, which definitely make sense, the workshop and hands-on character remained the same and I found the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant again.

I attended the first session on Copyright with attorney Axel Anderl talking about the legal aspects of using third-party pictures on blogs.

Basically, unless a picture is released under a Creative Commons license, you have to ask for permission for every single picture you want to use. Reality on the blogosphere is of course different (many bloggers copy and do not bother to add any citation whatsoever), but if you do not take copyright seriously, you may risk being sued in the end, which can become quite costly as Anderl mentioned: 500+ EUR per "stolen" picture.

FashionCamp Session Videos

All sessions are also available online:

FashionCamp Vienna 2011

Conference registration

FashionCamp Vienna 2011 @ The Hub

Leonie and Allegra

FashionCamp Vienna 2011, Lenoie and Allegra

The above writing says "to the ones that have the courage to dream, believe and act."

FashionCamp Vienna 2011 @ The Hub

FashionCamp Vienna 2011 @ The Hub

FashionCamp Vienna 2011 Buffet

Cup cakes

cup cakes

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:) tolle fotos ...

hoffe man sieht sich auf der fashion week :)

cu at the fashion week :)

danke für das liebe comment :D schöne fotos!!

Thank you for sharing this. Yhe copyright part is really interesting and useful.

jetzt ist unsere fb-gruppe ja gar nicht mehr geheim. ;)

ja, die copyright-session war mit sicherheit die informativste. fand die von jasmin (tea&twigs) vom emotionalen her sehr toll - die letzte (wien als modestadt?) hätte man sich getrost sparen können. neue erkenntnisse habe ich zumindest keine gewonnen.

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