The Rise Of The Bloggers

The Rise Of The Bloggers

2011-05-11 15:52 | Comments: 1

According to Alexa if you combine all blogs hosted on, blogs are suddenly the number 5 most visited Internet resource in the world, right after Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo. — Source: Alexa

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Alexa Daily Reach

Hi, I have made an interesting finding on Alexa contradicting the common believe, that blogs do not have a lot of readers. In fact, if you combine the reach of all blogs hosted on, the situation becomes completely different.

While most individual blogs have only a relatively small number of regular (but loyal) readers, the reach and influence sums up by the sheer number of passionate bloggers.

For every topic there is a blog covering it, regardless how small the niche is. Something mass media simply cannot afford.

Even without counting WordPress and self-hosted blogs, blogs on alone suddenly are the top 5 Web resource according to Alexa, after Google and Facebook but long before any traditional news site (BBC is on position 38, CNN follows on 46, and the New York Times on 83. All statistics as of today 2011-05-11).

Comparison Daily Reach (in percent of Internet users)

Source: Alexa

Alexa Daily Reach

Blogs are not mainstream yet

In 2011, most people still do not know what a blog or, let alone, an RSS feed is, even though the chances are high, that you are taken to a blog even without knowing it, if you perform a Google search or click on a shared link on Facebook and Co.

The future lies in aggregation

Blogs will really take off, if non-tech savvy users find out, how easy it is to subscribe to blogs through Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Google Reader, or any RSS app. A commercial example of blog aggregation (The Rise of the Superblog) is given in this week's Links á la Mode TECH by the way.

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Fashion Is More Sociable Than You Think!

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Edited by Christen Rochon

Being fashionable is not for the timid or weak at heart. It’s ever-evolving, rapidly changing and new trends are born every minute! With the information age we currently live in, it’s only natural that social media platforms become launching pads on how we interact with fashion and share our fashionable lives with others.  Fresh from last week’s Fashion 140 Conference in NYC – it is apparent that more and more companies and bloggers are using social media to connect with consumers and readers in intimate ways like never before. Here are a few examples on how sharing fashion has become more sociable than you originally thought…

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