Yamaia's Vienna Fashion Week 11 Review

Yamaia's Vienna Fashion Week 11 Review

2011-10-13 22:29 | Comments: 0

A video review of the Vienna Fashion Week 2011 by US-born high fashion model and enterpreneur Yamaia – Your Fashiongyyrl.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, during the Vienna Fashion Week I did this promotional video for US-born high fashion model and Fashiongyyrl;) Yamaia, who was on a short trip in Vienna and VIP guest of our fashion week.

Yamaia, born in Hawaii and chosen Marbella in Spain as her European homebase, started her career as an international fashion model in New York, and works now as a luxury style connoisseur, designer, and entrepreneur for luxury products around the world.

I really love Yamaia's exotic background, and her presence in front of a camera, as well as her professional experience as a radio broadcaster, is quite amazing and immediately noticeable. Do not miss the mini making-of at the end of the video ;)

Yamaia Your Fashiongyyrl

Yamaia at Vienna Fashion Week 2011


Elfenkleid Vienna Fashion Week 2011


Callisti Vienna Fashion Week 2011


Tiberius Vienna Fashion Week 2011

Yamaia at Pratersauna

Yamaia at Pratersauna

Official Website
Yamaia Your Fashiongyyrl

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