Xmas City Lights Vienna

Xmas City Lights Vienna

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Each shopping street in Vienna has its own christmas decorations and lighting. A walk through the most sparkling ones at night.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

Hi, in the following tour we will take a look at the most illuminated streets of Vienna, aka shopping streets, just before xmas.

Vienna also attracts a lot of tourists during the winter season, certainly because of the beautiful atmosphere at night and the very popular christmas markets ("Christkindlmärkte"), where you can shop and drink hot spiced wine and punch.

Ok, let's start our tour at Mariahilfer Street, one of the most popular (and crowded ;) shopping streets, paying attention how each street has its own xmas decoartions and lighting.

Mariahilfer streets is decorated with xmas tree style lighting in form of stars connected with garlands.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Mariahilfer Straße

Snowflakes themed lighting in Neubaugasse :)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Neubaugasse

Xmas Lights Vienna: Neubaugasse

Xmas Lights Vienna: Snowflake

Here is one of the famous christmas markets (Christkindlmarkt) at the city hall (Rathaus), where you can buy handmade presents and warm yourself up with a hot punch.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Wiener Christkindlmarkt Rathaus

Butterflies in the Ring Street

Xmas Lights Vienna: Burg Ring Wien

The illuminated City Hall of Vienna

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rathaus Wien

Dripping lights "Am Hof" (Yard Square)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Am Hof Wien

Waterfall / rain-like lighting at "Hoher Markt" (Upper Market)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Hoher Markt Wien

Next to "Hoher Markt" is "Graben", also in the first district of Vienna, decorated with lusters (chandeliers) hanging between the house fronts, turning the street into a ballroom ;)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Graben Wien

Xmas Lights Vienna: Graben Wien

Spiegelgasse (Mirror Alley) with sun-like discs of light.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Spiegelgasse

Xmas Lights Vienna: Spiegelgasse

Colorful lighting at "Stephansplatz" (St. Stephen's Cathedral)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Stephandsdom

A carriage with two horses (Fiaker) waiting next to St. Stephen's Cathedral. I watched the horses for some time and they seemed like cuddling each other ;)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Fiaker

"Kärtner Straße" (Carinthia Street) has this curved raindrop-like lighting with stars.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Kärtner Straße

The new Peek & Cloppenburg store was one of the few shops, which was open after eight o'clock.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Peek & Cloppenburg Kärtner Straße Wien

The Sparkling Swarovski flagship store.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Swarovski Kärtner Straße Wien

Last but not least "Rotenturmstraße" (Red Tower Street) with large red xmas balls hanging over the street.

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

Xmas decorations sometimes match the design of adjacent shops ;)

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße


Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

Xmas ball close-up

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

The red xmas balls are really impressive!

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

Xmas Lights Vienna: Rotenturmstraße

We have reached the end of our Xmas City Lights tour, hope you enjoyed it and I wish you Happy Holidays!

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