Vienna Awards Live Stream

Vienna Awards Live Stream

2011-03-14 14:36 | Comments: 0

Twelve creative figures of Vienna are going to be awarded, tonight. Watch the live stream starting at 7 p.m. (18:00 UTC) from the Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle.

Model Barbora S. | Photo credit: Mato Johannik for Vienna Awards

Vienna Awards Poster 2011

Live Stream on Facebook
Vienna Awards, starting at 7 p.m. (2011-03-14 18:00 UTC)

Hi, take a second look at the cool poster above, there is a symbol of Vienna hidden, do you know which?

I am already looking forward to the Vienna Awards gala, which is taking place tonight. Unlike the Austria Fashion Awards, which focus more on the fashion designers, the Vienna Awards also recognize the creative people, who are often forgotten, but an important part of the fashion industry: the models, hairdressers, stylists, and fashion journalists.

Unfortunately, no blogger is nominated this year, but I think this will change in the coming years considering the growing relevance and creativity coming from bloggers. But wait, at least one blogger (Maria from Stylekingdom) is part of the awards jury and the online platform is also nominated. So the new media is already represented.

Here are the nominees in the twelve categories. I will mark the winners tonight, where there is more than one ;)

Designer Branding

  • Gebrüder Stitch (winner)
  • Tiberius
  • superated

Tribute to Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Silhouette

Fashion Journalist

  • Stephan Hilpold (winner)
  • Austrian
  • Hans Stephan Grasser

Hair Stylist

  • Alexander Moser (winner)
  • Hannes Steinmetz
  • Bertram Kainzner


  • Yoan Gonfond (winner)
  • Thomas Reinberger
  • Britta Burger


  • Ana Prokop
  • Christine Sutterlüty
  • Thomas Lorenz (winner)

Accessory Designer

  • Julia Cranz
  • Nina Peter (winner)
  • Tiberius


  • Jork Weismann (winner)
  • Maria Ziegelböck
  • Michael Dürr

WKO Special go international

    • Peter Pilotto



  • Patrick Kafka

Designer of the Year

  • Claudia Brandmair (winner)
  • Eva Poleschinski
  • Doychinoff

Style Icon

  • Tatjana Patitz

Vienna Awards 2011

Already looking forward to tonight, and the shows of Tiberius and Doychinoff :)

Photos Patrick Kafka, Winner Category Model (via
One Austrian Schoolboy
RONDO Cover Nov 09

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