Doychinoff, Departure Fashion Night 2010

Doychinoff, Departure Fashion Night 2010

2010-08-17 18:05 | Comments: 0

We investigate the construction of urban space and the exchanges taking place between art, fashion and architecture. Recognising the meanings and locations of space, we identifying our self(s) as a fashion label underpinning, the visual and material fabric of modern life. — Doychinoff

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, does fashion need a statement? No, not necessarily, but besides aesthetics a clear message can support the entire concept. Especially, in a fashion show.

Doychinoff demonstrated this impressively at the Departure Fashion Night 2010. The iconically styled models are wearing medals of honor, pictures of totalitarian leaders are shown at the big wall above the stage and Miss le Bomb's voice reminds us, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Doychinoff is the label and last name of the designer Maria Doychinova (note the male/female endings in Slavic surnames). Maria Doychinova is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and studied fashion at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

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