Vienna Awards:
[se'lekt] Runway Fashion Show

2010-03-24 16:54 | Comments: 0

Photo credit: Viki Secrets
SmAcK my fashion by Sarah Gründorf and Katharina Wolf

Selekt Runway Fashion Show

Hi, while my blogging friends (Cool Outfit, Fanfarella, Model Talk, Style KingdomTschilp, ...) have already covered the Vienna Awards 2010 in depth, I visited the Selekt Runway Fashion Show, which took place prior to the awards show, featuring ten young designers from the fashion school Herbststrasse.

While it is already hard enough to organize a fashion show for one designer, doing so for ten without a proper budget is almost impossible. Considering the circumstances I think the show was quite good and of course it was interesting to watch the models and being inspired by some of the concepts. And it was also an important chance for the designers to present themselves and gain experience.

Another impression I am getting after several months in the Austrian fashion scene is that male fashion is almost non-existent. Granted, male fashion is a different business, but why wholly neglect it?

Retrograde Feminism by Katharina Reuschel

Selekt Runway Fashion Show

Selekt Runway Fashion Show

Fashion by Daphne Mantzos

Selekt Runway Fashion Show

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