Cruel Healer Semirhage

Cruel Healer Semirhage

2022-01-21 10:59 | Comments: 0

Semirhage, a character in The Wheel Of Time fantasy novel by Robert Jordan, was among the most prominent Restorers, or healers, in the Age of Legends, known to be cruel ...

Artwork credit: daragfx

Semirhage fantasy character 3D Crypto Art NFT by daragfx

Semirhage NFT. 1/3 editions by super talanted 3D crypto artist daragfx.

What is CryptoArt?

CryptoArt/NFTs are a revolutionary new way to buy and sell digital art online in limited editions with the power of blockchain technology.


Semirhage was one of the thirteen Forsaken and among the most gifted healers, in the Age of Legends, and even before turning to the Shadow she was known to be cruel, often needlessly causing people extra pain when healing them.

Proof Of Art



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