Finally got my first Crypto Punks (on Hive)

Finally got my first Crypto Punks (on Hive)

2021-11-23 14:05 | Comments: 0

May I introduce you to my new Crypto Punks on Hive gang: Amari Butler (Wildlife Tour Guide), Paulina Fischer (Massage Therapist), Caroline Mcmahon (Police Officer), Shiloh Rowe (Editor), and Ivy Horn (Pharmacist).

Artwork credit: Punks on Hive

Crypto Punks on Hive: Amari Butler, Wildlife Tour Guide

Amari Butler
Wildlife Tour Guide
ID: 8335
Rarity: 269
1/10,000 Punks on Hive

Special Features: Hair Orange Big (69), Welding (Cypberpunk) Googles (144), Pirate Earring (3042)

The number in parentheses denote the rarity of each attribute. Only 144 Hive Punks have these cool cyberpunk googles :P

What are CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are collectible, pixelated NFTs, originally developed on the Ethereum blockchain by Lavra Labs.

No two of the 10,000 computer-generated 24x24 pixel characters (Punks) are exactle alike. Every punk is unique.

"Punks on Hive" are a different currently much more affordable set of Crypto Punks, residing on the Hive Blockchain instead of Ethereum. The advantage of Hive is that you don't pay gas fees when buying or transferring NFTs.

Punks on Hive

Each Hive Punk is unique in the combination of name, profession, and attributes, although some attributes/features are rarer than others.

For example, Wallstreetbets hair (2), vampires (3), or robots (4) are very rare features.

The rarity score is derived from the rarity of each attribute, the higher the better.

However, each of the 10,000 Punks is already unique by its own.

Therefore, I think that the rarity is not so important, but rather that you like the punk and that you own a crypto punk at all.

Crypto Punks on Hive: Paulina Fischer, Message Therapist

Paulina Fischer
Massage Therapist
ID: 3222
Rarity: 209
1/10,000 Punks on Hive

Special Features: Krakowiak Hair (77), Clown Eyes Green (353)

Crypto Punks on Hive: Caroline Mcmahon, Police Officer

Caroline Mcmahon
Police Officer
ID: 6264
Rarity: 194
1/10,000 Punks on Hive

Special Features: Top Hat (84), Pink Lip Stick (527)

Crypto Punks on Hive: Shiloh Rowe, Editor

Shiloh Rowe
ID: 7878
Rarity: 104
1/10,000 Punks on Hive

Special Features: Clown Eyes Green (353), Pirate Earing (3042), Rosy Cheeks (505)

Crypto Punks on Hive: Ivy Horn, Pharmacist

Ivy Horn
ID: 6392
Rarity: 103
1/10,000 Punks on Hive

Special Features: Nerd Glasses (312), Red Lip Stick (543)

What do you guys think? Is the rarity score overrated?

Punks on Hive

Proof of ownership

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