Modern brands redesigned as if they were from the USSR

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From Russia with Brands. Russian logo designer Mike Levchenko redesigned famous brands as if they came from the Soviet Union.

Photo credit: Mike Levchenko

Soviet-styled brand Dior

Here is how Dior would probably look like if it came from the Soviet Union :P

Hi, I stumbled upon this funny project by Russian letterer and logo designer Mike Levchenko transforming some modern logos as if they came from the Soviet era, and I think he really did a convincing job. In the following examples you can see the actual logo, Mike's cyrillified version and a retrotized poster below.

Soviet-styled brand Samsung

Samsung → Самсунг

Soviet-styled brand McDonald's

McDonald's → Макдоналдс

Soviet-styled brand Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz → Мерседес

Soviet-styled brand Apple

Apple. Think different. → Еппл. Думай иначе.

Soviet-styled brand Nikon

Nikon → Никон

Soviet-styled brand Dior

Dior → Диор

Which sovietized logo do you like best?

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