Mass Effect #Cosplay

Mass Effect #Cosplay

2015-01-29 14:28 | Comments: 0

Meet EDI, Jack, and Tali from Mass Effect. I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees. That is a joke. — EDI

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

EDI from Mass Effect #cosplay @ Comics Salon 2014

Ultra-cool video game cosplay, EDI from Mass Effect :P

Hi, EDI, pronounced "EeeDee", Enhanced Defense Intelligence, is a hot and humorous AI character, which transistioned into Dr. Eva Core's body in Mass Effect 3, a popular role-playing video game by BioWare.

Besides EDI, I have also spotted cool Jack and Tali'Zorah at the cosplay finale @ Comics Salón 2014 :)

Jack, Tali'Zorah, and EDI from Mass Effect #cosplay @ Comics Salon 2014

Does EDI also remind you a bit of Cortana from the Halo series?

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