Exhibition "Architecture & Paysage" by Dimitar Sterev

Exhibition "Architecture & Paysage" by Dimitar Sterev

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"Nature is an amazing artist, while we are just imitators." Architecture, landscapes, and nudes by Dimitar Sterev.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Painting "Pegan dance" Кукер (Krampus) by Dimitar Sterev

Pegan dance "Кукер" (Krampus)

Hi, this lovely exhibition was called Architecture & Paysage, since the painter Dimitar Sterev is best known for his architectural paintings of his Bulgarian hometown Ruse, self-proclaimed city of the free spirit. But there was more than just architecture. In fact, Dimitar mixed in some of his more surreal paintings, which I found even more interesting :P

People sometimes focus only on their everyday tasks and are loosing the sight of the greater picture. Not so Dimitar. Behind every picture was a small story and at some point we were also discussing conspiracy theories :P One painting was even about the banking system. Awesome.

Painting Ruse Danube Bridge "дунав мост" by Dimitar Sterev

Ruse Danube Bridge "дунав мост"

Painting Ruse City center "Aleksandrovska" street by Dimitar Sterev

Ruse City center "Aleksandrovska" street

Painting Ruse Museum of History by Dimitar Sterev

Ruse Museum of History

"Bankers of Xmas" Surreal painting by Dimitar Sterev about the banking system, loans and interest rates.

"Bankers of Xmas". Surreal painting about the banking system, loans and interest rates.

Painting Ruse State Opera House by Dimitar Sterev

Ruse State Opera House

Painting Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" by Dimitar Sterev

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Painting "Old Joke" Apples & Nude by Dimitar Sterev

"Old Joke" What would you do if I gave you an apple? ...

Painting "Kaba Gaida" (large Bulgarian bagpipe) by Dimitar Sterev

"Kaba Gaida" (large Bulgarian bagpipe)

Painting "Summer night's dream" by Dimitar Sterev

"Summer night's dream"

Dimitar Sterev | Димитър Стерев

Димитър Стерев

If you would like to buy one of Sterev's paintings or like to commisson a new one, please let me know.

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