Andrej Pejic for Brandmair and Petar Petrov

Andrej Pejic for Brandmair and Petar Petrov

2011-07-05 15:43 | Comments: 1

Switching roles at the Departure Fashion Night 11: Male supermodel Andrej Pejic as first face for brandmair womenswear and original menswear only label superated presenting their first women's collection.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, supermodel Andrej Pejic opened the Departure Fashion Night in menswomenswear for brandmair, a trend, he kicked off about a year ago on the international runway and received a lot of media coverage for presenting both men's and women's fashion.

I think it is good seeing more androgynous models in the spotlight and it helps making our otherwise strict gender roles a little bit more open and flexible by this, which I believe everybody can benefit from.

And the second twist of the 11 Festival was seeing the original menswear only label superated opening and expanding their fashion collection to both men and women.

Andrej also presented an androgynous outfit for Bulgarian designer Petar Petrov and you can also admire headwear by Mühlbauer and footwear/accessory designer rosa mosa in this video.

Departure Fashion Night 11

Photo credit: Jürgen Hammerschmid

Andrej Pejic opening the show for brandmair

Andrej Pejic For Brandmair

rosa mosa

rosa mosa Departure Fashion Night

superated Men's

superated Men's Departure Fashion Night

superated Women's

superated Women's Departure Fashion Night

Mühlbauer Headwear

Mühlbauer Headwear Departure Fashion Night

Petar Petrov

Petar Petrov Departure Fashion Night

Andrej Pejic for Petar Petrov

Andrej Pejic For Petar Petrov

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jay smith on 2013-03-23 10:38

i have no interest in regular men with guys like andrej petjic. i dream of him every night.

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