Video: Mühlbauer Headwear

Video: Mühlbauer Headwear

2010-09-09 10:39 | Comments: 0

"No new hat" became the working title for the Mühlbauer Autumn Winter Collection 2010/11 and refers to the indestructibility and used look of Mühlbauer's new headwear.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, hats have a long tradition. So does Mühlbauer, a Vienna-based hatmaker, who began in 1903 with a millinery and small hat shop in Floridsdorf, a suburb of Vienna.

In former times, hats were an integral part of clothing. On the street it was obligatory to wear a hat and its form, size and shape were a symbol of the social status and affiliation.

The role of hats has changed, however, towards a general fashion accessory (and a must-have during freezing winter days for me). Perceived a thenth of the models in last US Vogue's September issue are wearing some kind of headwear and Klaus Mühlbauer is committed to follow this change in fashion.

Speaking of hats, also reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in Kill Bill, where Budd, a bouncer (and former assassin), comes too late to work (to a night club where nobody is to bounce in the first place) and gets disciplined by his sniffing manager for this lapse, who forbids Budd to wear his cool cowboy hat any more.

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