Welcome to the Darkness: Viki Secrets got a new theme

Welcome to the Darkness: Viki Secrets got a new theme

2019-12-12 22:09 | Comments: 0

Web design is like fashion, it's constantly evolving and subject to change. Check out what's new in this post.

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I usually don't blog about visual updates here, because there is always something changing on this site. Since the start of Viki Secrets I have internally worked on more than 50 design iterations and updated the site quite regularly, especially in the beginning.

But this is the first major update since 2014, so I thought, I can write something about it.

First of all, you have to know that this is not another WordPress blog/theme (it's run by zenphoto btw), but Viki Secrets uses a completely custom-made theme.

Layout updates are extremely difficult for me, because it's always a big struggle whether to change anything at all, especially when you are becoming emotionally attached to a particular design, which is often the case when dealing with your own website. And a distinctive design can also become part of your brand.

There is also no such thing as a perfect layout. Each design has it's strengths and weaknesses and then there are also some general trends in web design like responsive design, which made things even more complicated, because websites can now be viewed on so many different devices with different sizes and aspect ratios, which has become quite a design challenge.

My goal was to keep as much as possible from the original 2011 Viki Secrets theme, and I am glad I can finally present to you what's new:

  • New Viki Secrets keycard design
  • Completely rewritten responsive design, now scales from smartphones to 4K monitors
  • New 18th century-inspired serif font (Playfair) by Claus Eggers Sørensen
  • Left-sided headings layout
  • Wider content column, more white space
  • Updated the photo zoom colorbox design (November 2019)
  • Facebook plug-ins removed (September 2019)
  • New fullscreen cover page "Welcome to the Darkness" (Desktop/Tablet view)
  • Parallax, blurred background photos on articles (Desktop/Tablet view)
  • New rose on the about page ;)
  • "Love Viki Secrets" hover effect <3

And finally, the before and after comparison:


Viki Secrets Theme 2014

Viki Secrets keycard design from 2014


Viki Secrets Theme for 2020

"Welcome to the Darkness" Viki Secrets Visual Update 2020

I hope you love the new layout as much as I do :)

xx Viki

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