New Blog Design (Tested on Zune)

New Blog Design (Tested on Zune)

2011-02-10 23:58 | Comments: 0

Third visual update brings purple/white one column layout and a new logo with a rose embellishment.

Miss Viki on Zune Player
Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Miss Viki blog tested on Zune

Hi, I am writing this just in case you noticed the new look of my blog ;) This is the third larger redesign of my Miss Viki fashion blog so far.

I always thought that blogs are quite simple, but at the end of the day, designing a blog from scratch, without the nice themes from blogger or wordpress, is quite complex and tricky.

Although most fashion blogs have a minimalistic black/white design, I wanted to retain my magenta theme and accentuated it with a rose as a design element of my new logo. (The old hand writing was hardly legible as some readers told me.)

I have tested the new floating layout on various screen resolutions and am happy that it also works on my Zune player.

Hope you like the new design and we both get used to it soon ;)

Miss Viki tested on Zune

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