Wedding Dresses for Freaks & Icons

Wedding Dresses for Freaks & Icons

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An exhibition of contemporary designer wedding gowns at the showroom Freaks & Icons in Vienna, formely known as The Hot Dogs. From traditional to avant-garde, from Bulgaria to Austria(lia).

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Wedding Dress Gina Drewes

An excentric wedding dress in PVC by Gina Drewes/AT

Hi, why are bridal gowns usually white? The wedding in white tradition dates back to the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg in a white lace dress in 1840. The trend was then carried forward from the royal house to the general public and gradually became the dress code for Western weddings.

Other explainations for white are the connotation with innocense, purity and happiness. And there is also a pragmatic reason for white, making the wedding style something special by using the two non-colors WHITE for the bride and BLACK for the groom. Additionally, white also helps to differentiate the wedding dress from, let's say, a noble cocktail party dress, for example.

I have visited a wedding dresses exhibition of contemporary European designers in May at the start of the wedding season. Modern wedding dresses come in different styles, lengths, and colors, with white still being a popular choice though.

What will you wear on your big day?

Wedding Dresses Exhibition

Designer Caroline Stanzl of the label Saperlipopette/AT

Caroline Stanzl Wedding Dress Saperlipopette

Saperlipopette/AT with short sleeves

Wedding Dress Saperlipopette

Summer wedding dress by Saperlipopette/AT

Wedding Dress Saperlipopette

NELMIT/BG (front can probably be lowered)

Wedding Dress NELMIT

Bojan Petrushevski/BG

Wedding Dress Bojan Petrushevski

Pianic/AT and Sabrina Vogel/AT (the green one)

Wedding Dress Pianic and Sabrina Vogel

Harness by Pianic/BG

Wedding Dress Pianic Harness

PiaMia/AT in a faint yellowish tone

Wedding Dress PiaMia

Short & sexy wedding dress by Andigra/AT

Wedding Dress Andigra

Ella/AUS and Doychinoff/AT (in the frame)

Wedding Dress Ella and Doychinoff

Vesela Antova/BG (right)

Wedding Dress Vesela Antova

Wedding dress with trousers by Jelena Kesic/BG

Wedding Dress Jelena Kesic

Yana Dvoretska/BG (left) and Saperlipopette/AT (right)

Wedding Dress Yana Dvoretska

Shop decoration

Wedding Dress Shop decoration


Wedding Dress Lila

Shop owner Mandarina next to the dress by Gina Drewes/AT

Mandarina next to Wedding Dress by Gina Drewes

Vienna designer showroom

Freaks & Icons Shop Window

Freaks & Icons / The Hot Dogs Shop

Freaks & Icons / The Hot Dogs
Zollergasse 12, A-1070 Vienna

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