The Royal Wedding: Kate & William

The Royal Wedding: Kate & William

2011-04-29 22:51 | Comments: 1

The Perfect Wedding — Just in case you missed THE ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William of Wales and Catharine (Kate) Middleton, here is the official video as they exchange their vows of eternal love.

Video credit: The Royal Channel

Hi, unbelievable two billion watched today's royal wedding of Kate & William. What is so extremely fascinating and enticing about a marriage of a couple we do not really know?

I think it is because it has the appearance of perfection. Everything looks perfect: The couple. The families. The guests. The ceremony. And of course, the fashion. Kate is in an Alexander McQueen wedding gown, William in his military uniform by the way :) Maybe many of us secretly dream to also marry a prince or princess, to live the perfect marriage, the perfect life.

By watching a public event such as this, we can be part of this glamorous perfect royal world for a moment and forget everything else around us I guess. But it is only the appearance, that might be perfect, as we know, the reality is different.

The Procession to Buckingham Palace

Photo credit: The British Monarchy

Royal Wedding Kate & William The Service

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Its indeed the perfect weeding. Kate looked amazing in Alexander McQueen. Sarah did an amazing job

Lee x

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