VMAN: Male Model Citizens Stripped Bare

VMAN: Male Model Citizens Stripped Bare

2011-07-08 16:11 | Comments: 1

VMAN has paid a visit to the best and biggest model agencies around the world and stopped at Rio De Janeiro for this risqué shot by Vicente De Paulo.

Photo credit: Vicente De Paulo for VMAN

VMAN Male Model Citizens Bared Naked Brazil

Hi, I have learned a new English word – risqué – and caught me using it quite often lately to describe certain kind of photos, posings, things and situations ;) more in the original French sense of "risky", however.

No risque – no fun :o

These shots are from the fashion magazine VMAN, which focuses on the 21st-century kind of man, who is stylish, curious, urban and adventuresome according to VMAN.

Having learned the new vocabulary, I would now also add risqué to that list. What other adjectives would you use to describe the modern man? metrosexual, cultivated, civilized, well shaped, bold, weak, sensual, sensitive, ...

VMAN Model Citizens: Business Men

Photo credit: Victoria Tang | VMAN

VMAN Male Model Citizens China Business Men

Beijing, China

Photo credit: Krzystoff Herholdt | VMAN

VMAN Male Model Citizens Denmark Business Men

Copenhagen, Denmark

Model Citizens

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