Links á la Mode: The TECH behind Miss Viki

Links á la Mode: The TECH behind Miss Viki

2011-04-21 13:21 | Comments: 3

Blogging: So Much More Than What Meets The Eye — Find out in this TECH post what software I am using behind the scenes to run this blog.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets | Asus P5K AI Lifestyle Motherboard

Asus P5K AI Lifestyle Motherboard

Hi, Confessions Of A Drama Queen did it already, now it is my turn to make a confession. I am going to reveal what software I am using to run this blog. Here is my current list:

Windows XP and 7

First confession: I am a PC and not a Mac ;) I have one older Pentium 4 workstation and one Samsung lappy running Windows XP and one newer Intel Dual Core 3 GHz PC running Windows 7 Professional x64. For browsing and testing I use Internet Explorer 9, 8 and 6, Opera, and Firefox.


Zenphoto is the heart of my blog. When I started this blog I searched for an easy, customizable, open-source gallery software for my first model pictures and a friend pointed me to zenphoto, which I loved at the first sight, because of its clear design, customizability and (hidden) blogging features.

I have made some heavy customization since then, wrote my own php template and use the zenpage extension for blogging, which is a full-featured CMS within zenphoto. If you know a little bit of html, css and php and have a database-enabled Web space, I can really recommend zenphoto for your gallery and even as a wordpress alternative.

Corel Paint Shop Pro X2

I am using Paint Shop Pro since version 6 or 7 to edit my photos and love it. It is a great value for its price and it can do almost all what Photoshop does. Corel PSP PHOTO X2/X3 supports layers, soft brushes, hundreds of filters, background removal tools, masking, RAW, and even vector graphics, and has an intuitive user interface.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10

For video editing I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It is the cheaper entry version of Sony Vegas Pro, but offers already tons of features you can play with. I love Vegas for the fine controls and thousends of settings it offers you. Version 10 is still a bit buggy though, and I am thinking of upgrading to the Pro version eventually.


FileZilla is a really handy open-source tool, I use it to upload my files to my Variomedia Web hosting provider.

Opera RSS Reader

Yes, I started reading many blogs, because it is not only fun to see what my fellow bloggers are blogging but also a very good source of inspiration. Opera has a really cool RSS reader by the way, which is capable of displaying all blog posts in a single thread in a familiar newsgroup style interface.


Last but not least, Notepad2 is a blogger's best friend and my invaluable blogging tool I am using right now to type this post :) Notepad2 is an improved Notepad clone, which also supports syntax highlighting, and it is free.

Blogging: So Much More Than What Meets The Eye

Links a la Mode TECH: Week 16 2011

Edited by Maggie Battles

Modern fashion mavens use technology in a variety of ways that might not seem so obvious to some. We use photography to showcase our style & search for new tips on how to improve our technique. We use gadgets for optimizing our own blogs and more gadgets for reading other blogs. What goes on in our blogging world is not always what meets the readers eyes, and this week we have a collection of tips for how to make our own sites better. Each week of Links A La Mode: Tech is what you might call a “Show & Tell” of what information has proven useful to us. This is a fantastic opportunity to seek help, trade info and hopefully make our blogging lives a little bit easier. Thanks to everyone who participated this week and I can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table next time!

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I use almost similar stuff for myself. Only difference is I am bit good at some of them and I suck at some stuff as I am not too technical :)

I must admit that you've introduced me to some new alternatives - Zen Photo and Notepad2! I actually prefer Corel for editing photos but I'm stuck with PS!

...and I thought I was a techie! lol

I gets down with FileZilla myself

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