The Man Behind Game of Thrones Jaqen H'ghar

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German actor Tom Wlaschiha portrayed the mysterious prisoner Jaqen H'ghar, who helped Arya several times after being rescued by her.

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Tom Wlaschiha aka Jaqen H'ghar @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Tom Wlaschiha aka Jaqen H'ghar @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Hi, Jaqen H'ghar is a supporting character in the second season of Game of Thrones, portrayed by German actor Tom Wlaschiha.

Jaqen H'ghar is a mysterious persona, who always speaks in the third person. He is actually a member of the Faceless Men, a feared order of mysterious assassins.

Jaqen was arrested and put in the dungeons of King's Landing, before being recruited by Yoren to join the Night's Watch. On the journey to the Wall he meets "Arry", who is actually Arya Stark, disguised as a boy to escape Joffrey's castle.

When the convoy is attacked by Lannisters, Arya frees him and two other prisoners. Because she has saved three lives, Jaqen asks her to name three people for him to kill to repay the three deaths she stole. And she better choose wisely ...

We met Tom at the Game of Thrones Night where he told us how fascinating it was to be part of such a big production as Game of Thrones.

Xena, Tom Wlaschiha, and Viktor @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Xena, Tom, and me

Shield @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Shield @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Photo credit: Xena Live

Me as Daario Naharis @ Game of Thrones Sky Night

Me as Daario Naharis :P

Have you also thought why Arya did not name more strategic names to kill? Why on Westeros did she not say "Joffrey Baratheon" or "Lord Tywin Lannister"?

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