The Germknödel Donut is back

2017-01-06 19:58 | Comments: 0

McDonald's is making the special edition "Germknödel" Donut again, the Austrian sweet specialty in form of a donut :P

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McDonald's Germknödel Donut

Germknödel Donut @ McDonald's Austria

Hi, for all who do not know what a "Germknödel" is, it's an Austrian sweet specialty, usually consisting of a yeast dumpling with a plum jam filling, and a poppy seeds / sugar glaze and melted butter on top. It is a really delicious dessert, which is often served as a main dish in Austria due to its high calories count ;)

McDonald's Germknödel Donut

The heart-shaped McDonald's Germknödel Donut has the taste of a Germknödel and is also filled with plum jam and has that extraordinary delicious poppy seeds glaze, which I love so much.

McDonald's Germknödel Donut

Yummy <3

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