Best Of Foodspotting

Best Of Foodspotting

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Let's find something delicious. 32 foodspotting pictures I collected over the past year. Warning, do not look at the pics if you are hungry ;)

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Egg dumplings, Eiernockerl @ Hütte am Weg, Wien

Hi, I started to foodspot, i.e. making pictures of my dishes when I go to a restaurant, over a year ago and love it.

It is a funny activity and I usually share the pictures on Facebook, just for fun and also for documentation purposes. And it is an elegant way to tell a little bit about yourself too.

Some restaurants have reportedly started to ban taking pictures of their food, especially if you bring your heavy photo equipment with you (like your DSLR and tripod), but here in Vienna I have not encountered any problems so far. My opinion is that it should be allowed to photograph your own dishes, which you have paid for, as long as you do not annoy other guests (or your friends) with it.

Have fun and bon appétit:

Egg dumplings, Eiernockerl @ Hütte am Weg, Wien

Egg dumplings "Eiernockerl" @ Hütte am Weg

Spelt fusilli with tomato and rocket, Dinkel Fusilli Pomodoro e Rucola @ Vapiano Wien Westbahnhof

Spelt fusilli with tomato and rocket "Dinkel Fusilli Pomodoro e Rucola" @ Vapiano Westbahnhof

Mixed salad @ Vapiano Wien Westbahnhof

Mixed salad @ Vapiano Westbahnhof

Thai green curry with chicken, Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai @ Thai Isaan, Wien

Thai green curry with chicken "Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai" @ Thai Isaan

Asparagus risotto, Spargelrisotto @ Gasthaus zur Zahnradbahn, Wien

Asparagus risotto "Spargelrisotto" @ Gasthaus zur Zahnradbahn

Turkey schnitzel with French fries, Putenschnitzel mit Pommes @ Schnitzelhaus, Wien

Turkey schnitzel with French fries "Putenschnitzel mit Pommes" @ Schnitzelhaus

Fried carp with potato salad, Karpfen mit Kartoffelsalat

Fried carp with potato salad "Karpfen mit Kartoffelsalat". Cooked together with my mom :)

Pan-fried potatoes with chunks of meat, Grinzinger Gröstel @ Heuriger Zum Berger, Wien

Pan-fried potatoes with chunks of meat "Grinzinger Gröstel" @ Heuriger Zum Berger

Roasted pumpkin with cream of tartar, Gebackener Kürbis mit Sauce Tartare @ Barbados Inseltreff, Wien

Roasted pumpkin with cream of tartar "Gebackener Kürbis mit Sauce Tartare" @ Barbados Inseltreff

Chicken with vegetables and rice, Hühnerfleisch mit Gemüse und Reis @ Blaustern Döblinger Gürtel, Wien

Chicken with vegetables and rice "Hühnerfleisch mit Gemüse und Reis" @ Blaustern Döblinger Gürtel

Linguine with salmon, spinach and tomatoes, Linguine mit gebratenen Lachsstreifen, Blattspinat und Tomaten @ Blaustern Döblinger Gürtel, Wien

Linguine with salmon, spinach and tomatoes "Linguine mit gebratenen Lachsstreifen, Blattspinat und Tomaten" @ Blaustern Döblinger Gürtel

Smoked meat, Geselchtes @ Cafebar Sodis, Rotenturmstraße, Wien

Smoked meat "Geselchtes" @ Cafebar Sodis, Rotenturmstraße

Greek BBQ, Souvlaki @ Rembetiko, Donauinsel, Wien

Greek BBQ "Souvlaki" @ Rembetiko, Donauinsel

Spicy dumplings topped with melted cheese, Teufelsnockerl @ Restaurant Selbstverständlich, Wien

Spicy dumplings topped with melted cheese "Teufelsnockerl" @ Restaurant Selbstverständlich

Asparagus with parsley potatoes, Spargel @ Restaurant Winkler, St. Pölten

Asparagus with parsley potatoes "Spargel" @ Restaurant Winkler

Thimble dumplings made with cheese, Käsespätzle mit Röstzwiebeln @ Waldgrill Cobenzl, Wien

Thimble dumplings made with cheese "Käsespätzle mit Röstzwiebeln" @ Waldgrill Cobenzl

Pizza with spinach, Pizza Spinaci @ La Norma, Wien

Pizza with spinach "Pizza Spinaci" @ La Norma

Miso soup, Miso Suppe @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str., Wien

Miso soup "Miso Suppe" @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str.

Sushi set @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str., Wien

Sushi set @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str.

Nougat Temptation Cake @ McDonald's McCafe, Wien

Nougat Temptation Cake @ McDonald's McCafe

Apple strudel, Apfelstrudel @ Hirschgstemm Lainzer Tiergarten, Wien

Apple strudel "Apfelstrudel" @ Hirschgstemm Lainzer Tiergarten

Strawberry Dumplings, Erdbeer-Knödel @ Gösser Bierinsel, Wien

Strawberry Dumplings "Erdbeer-Knödel" @ Gösser Bierinsel

Poppy seed cake, Mohnschnitte @ Gösser Bierinsel, Wien

Poppy seed cake "Mohnschnitte" @ Gösser Bierinsel

Belgian wafer with Canadian maple syrup, Belgische Waffel mit kanadischem Ahornsirup @ Blue Orange Alserbachstrasse, Wien

Belgian wafer with Canadian maple syrup "Belgische Waffel mit kanadischem Ahornsirup" @ Blue Orange Alserbachstrasse

Chocolate cake with hot chocolate and whipped cream, Austrian dessert moor in his nightshirt, Mohr im Hemd @ Cafe Paradox, St. Pölten

Chocolate cake with hot chocolate and whipped cream, Austrian dessert moor in his nightshirt "Mohr im Hemd" @ Cafe Paradox

XXL baklava @ Rembetiko, Donauinsel, Wien

XXL baklava @ Rembetiko, Donauinsel

Apple strudel, Apfelstrudel @ Heuriger Zum Berger, Wien

Apple strudel "Apfelstrudel" @ Heuriger Zum Berger

Turkish coffee, Türkischer Kaffee @ Maschu Maschu, Neubaugasse, Wien

Turkish coffee "Türkischer Kaffee" @ Maschu Maschu

Plum wine, Pflaumenwein @ Asian Restaurant Li-Li, Wien

Plum wine "Pflaumenwein" @ Asian Restaurant Li-Li

Cappuccino @ Vapiano Wien Westbahnhof

Cappuccino @ Vapiano Westbahnhof

Roasted bananas, Yaki Banane @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str., Wien

Roasted bananas "Yaki Banane" @ Natsu Gumpendorfer Str.

Yummy, yummy :P

What is your favorite dish? Have you also become a foodspotter?

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