Thai Brunch

Thai Brunch

2018-09-15 12:26 | Comments: 0

I enjoyed the Thai fashion brunch at the Vienna Fashion Week very much and met four top designers from Thailand. Powered by the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Thai Brunch Box by Lokkana @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

This was our tasty brunch box delivered by the Lokkana Thai Wok & Store in Vienna :)

Thai designer iCONiC @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

iCONiC "the twist of modern bohemian"

Thai designer Sculpture by Curated @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

Sculpture by Curated, modern street style

Thai designer ISSI @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

ISSI "Dimensions of Power" with cool origami details

Thai designer NICHA @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

NICHA inspired by a small town of Tiebele in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Thai Fashion Brunch presented by the Royal Thai Embassy Vienna @ Vienna Fashion Week 2018

Royal Thai Embassy Vienna delegation with four Thai designers and four models in tow :P

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