Season's Greetings: Let It Snow

Season's Greetings: Let It Snow

2012-12-23 21:43 | Comments: 2

Merry Xmas and Happy Winter Solstice!

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Snow in the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald)

Snow in the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald)

Hi, a really good thing happened on 12/21/2012 that almost got unnoticed due to the hype about the Mayan end of world myth.

As the world continues to revolve around the sun (as it does for about 4.54 billion years), we silently passed winter solstice, meaning the days are becoming longer again. We can look forward to more daylight soon :D Is this not great?

Batman Sign in Snow

Happy holidays and let it snow!

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Sinful solstice to U ♥ and yes its great - can't wait to welcome first sunrays with you!

@Xena: also cannot await to welcome the first sunrays with you ♥

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