Scary Outfits

Scary Outfits

2013-06-19 21:58 | Comments: 0

Castlefest Horror Picture Show. Sexy vamps, zombies and steampunk horror at its best. The most scary and bizarre outfits of Castlefest.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Iron Sky inspired Darth Vader outfit @ Castlefest

Iron Sky inspired Darth Vader outfit :P

Hi, sexy vamps, zombies, grim reapers ... which of these outfits makes you get goose bumps? Here are the most scary and bizarre outfits I have seen so far on a fantasy event.

Sexy vamps @ Castlefest

Sexy vamps :P

Steampunk squirrel @ Castlefest

Steampunk squirrel

Zombie "I Want You" @ Castlefest

"I Want You" zombie

Zombie "I Want You" @ Castlefest

Zombie buster @ Castlefest

Zombie buster

Steampunk scarecrow @ Castlefest

Steampunk scarecrow

British zombie @ Castlefest

British zombie

Nightmare before Christmas vampires @ Castlefest

Nightmare before Christmas vampires

Nightmare before Christmas vampire @ Castlefest

Grim reaper @ Castlefest

Grim reaper

Butcher @ Castlefest

The Butcher

Which of these outfits give you the creeps?

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