Palmers Lingerie Innovations

Palmers Lingerie Innovations

2011-03-29 15:20 | Comments: 1

The smart PUSH-UP bra, the TOELESS pantyhose, and the body shaping BODY WRAP are only some of Palmers latest innovations in lingerie. A sneak peek what will be in store later this year.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Palmers lingerie string thong

Hi, I visited the Palmers Headquarters again to get a sneak peak for you on what is up in store for winter 2011.

There are really many new products coming from Palmers, such as a whole new accessories collection and little helpers, see below.

Or want to do something good for your stressed legs? Try the upcoming caffeine-enriched pantyhose, which is good for blood circulation and has an anti-cellulite effect.

Here are the latest innovations from Palmers:

Smart PUSH-UP bras

Palmers smart push-up bras

The size of the push-up cookies vary depending on your bra size, the bigger your cup, the smaller the push-up. Smart!

Palmers Guggi Liska

Our host, Guggi Liska, marketing and social media lead at Palmers.

D and E cup bras

Palmers lingerie bra cup E size

Palmers lingerie bra cup D and E size

It is always difficult to find good and aesthetically looking D and E cup sized bras. Good to see more to come, finally. More please!

Bra Accessories and more

Palmers lingerie bra accessories

Many little and handy helpers coming: Invisible tape, transparent bra strap holders, strap extensions, bra back clips, fresh/used laundrey bag, underarm sweat protection, shoulder cushions, silicone cookies, and silicone nipple covers.

Palmers invisible tape

Palmers nipple covers

TOELESS pantyhose

Palmers TOELESS pantyhose

Ideal for flip-flops and peep-toe shoes

BODY WRAP lingerie

Palmers lingerie body wrap

Palmers lingerie shapewear

Body shaping lingerie and underwear

Bloggers in the Palmers elevator

Vicky, Julia, and Michi

Fashion bloggers in Palmers elevator

Leni | Style Kitchen

Leni from Style Kitchen

Julia with Little Fanfarella

Julia and Little Fanfarella

Palmers Showroom

Palmers lingerie string thong

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