Lalalove loves surprises at the Vienna Fashion Week

2017-09-15 19:31 | Comments: 0

Thai fashion label Lalalove has spun a new chapter in the history of Thai traditional loincloth (Pa Kao Ma) and was good for a little surprise.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Lalalove at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Lalalove @ MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Hi, if you expected from the description to see lots of traditional loincloths, you might be disappointed, but maybe the label referred more to some traditional loincloth patterns than actual loincloths.

Aside from this peculiarity, the show from Bangkok-based stylist Linda Charoenlab was a pleasure to watch and also came up with a little suprise at the end. A funny semi-transparent dress, which was a normal dress on one side, and a sparkling semi-tranpsarent negligee on the other side :P Remains to decide which side to wear in the front :P

Lalalove Semi-Transparent Surprise Dress @ MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Lalalove Semi-Transparent Surprise Dress allowing a glimpe of the bare bottom @ MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Lalalove Surprise Bare Bottom Dress <3

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