Lady Gaga Browsing The Web

Lady Gaga Browsing The Web

2011-06-03 12:47 | Comments: 0

Listen up, little monsters: The Web is what you make of it. A Google Chrome commercial and a brand-new issue of Links à la Mode TECH inside.

Video credit: Google Chrome

Hi, the above video shows Lady Gaga chatting with her fans and her fans covering her in their homebrew YouTube videos.

What is interesting about the new Google Chrome commercials is that they focus more on the Internet and less on the browser. Something that makes sense considering everybody wants to sell a lean and fast browser nowadays.

The Web is what you make of it

In the brave new Internet, everybody is a publisher now.

But did you know that you also alter the Web by mere browsing? Your browsing behavior may affect the ranking of search results, ad display, your social stream on Facebook, and determines what is popular right now, and what is not.

Here is how my fellow TECH bloggers are altering the Web:

Links à la Mode TECH

Bloggers Heart Technology

Links a la Mode TECH week 22 2011

Edited by Kristin Swenson of BonBon Rose Girls

I think we can all agree that technology has become vital to the daily existence of bloggers. Who among us goes a week without playing around with coding, tinkering with our blog design, tweeting, downloading the newest photo apps etc.? Many of us who started out somewhat technology illiterate are now wearing our chic geek badges proudly. Thankfully, forums like IFB exist to nurture and encourage our self education when it comes to tech issues!

So, I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy these featured posts. I daresay you’ll walk away with a valuable new nugget of tech related knowledge. Today’s link roundup really has a little something for everyone, no matter where your inner geek’s interests may lie!

Links à la Mode TECH – MAY 31st

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