How to create NFTs on the Hive Blockchain

How to create NFTs on the Hive Blockchain

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Hive is a fast and feeless social media blockchain that tries to solve existing problems in the crypto art space (high gas fees, commercial licenses, and nsfw content).

Artwork credit: Casilokodesing

Hive Prototype Coin NFT CryptoArt

Prototype 3 Hive Coin NFT, 1/5 (editions)

Creating NFTs on both Ethereum and Hive is not difficult, but a bit complicated, especially if you are new to crypto. You have to go through a lot of steps, hoops and down the rabbit hole of web3 and blockchain technology.

However, if you are familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum and MetaMask already, it will be rather straightforward to get used to the features and quirks of the Hive Blockchain and the best is you do not need to pay gas fees on Hive.

Social media with gas fees would not work, right? Instead Hive is a (delegated) proof of stake (DPoS) blockchain and gives you free transactions every day proportional to the amount of HIVE staked.

Why mint on Hive instead of Ethereum?

NFT Showroom is a new innovative DApp on Hive which tries to solve existing problems in the crypto art space, namely high gas fees, commercial licenses, and nsfw content.

NFT Showroom is the first platform that allows you to attach commercial licenses to NFTs, which is a major step forward. In the future NFTs will not only be used to proof authorship/copyright/ownership but will also track commercial usage licenses of photos, videos, music and art.

NFTs are (almost) worthless without utility or usage rights. Most art both online and offline is never sold, unless it provides some utility to the buyer.

How to create NFTs on the Hive Blockchain

You basically need a Hive account, a browser wallet, some HIVE (cryptocurrency) and finally you need to get whitelisted on NFT Showroom, a cryptoart/nft app on Hive. Create your first NFT in 6 steps:

#1 Create a Hive Account

First you need a Hive account to get started. Register a free username at and backup all your keys!

#2 Install the Hive Keychain Wallet (Browser add-on)

Hive Keychain is to Hive what MetaMask is to Ethereum. It's a browser wallet add-on for Brave/Chrome/Edge or Firefox that let web3 DApps transact on the Hive Blockchain. During setup click "use keys/pwd" and enter your master key to import all your keys.

#3 Apply as a Creator on

Next, you need to apply as a creator (artist) on Login to with your HIVE account via Hive Keychain. Then navigate to your personal page and go to your profile where you can fill out the application form. Check the artist guide how to get approved on NFT Showroom.

#4 Buy some HIVE

You need to get some HIVE either from your favorite crypto exchange (like Bittrex or Binance) or from Hive-Engine by swapping crypto to HIVE.

If you used a third-party crypto exchange (not Hive-Engine) transfer the HIVE to your account.

You need HIVE to pay for the NFT Showroom minting fee (5 HIVE + 1 HIVE for each additional edition) and I would recommend that you stake some HIVE as HIVE POWER to get more free transactions per day.

10 HIVE for example will cost you about $6 at current prices (2021-05-01).

#5 Convert HIVE to Swap.Hive

NFT Showroom operates on a HIVE sidechain called Hive-Engine. HIVE on Hive-Engine is called Swap.Hive. You can convert HIVE to Swap.Hive and vice versa by using (Deposit and Withdraw function).

#6 Tokenize your art

After approval, you are ready to tokenize your first NFT on NFT Showroom by going to the "tokenize" tab and uploading your artwork.

Voilà, I hope it was not too confusing. You can also get help on the NFT Showroom discord.

Drop me a comment if you tokenized your first NFT! Happy minting :)

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