Fashion for Lunch: Doychinoff

Fashion for Lunch: Doychinoff

2011-01-20 19:18 | Comments: 0

A tasty look at Doychinoff's most recent collections, In Comment and Petroleum, from inside a fashionable suite at The Ring Hotel, Vienna.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Fashion Lunch Doychinoff

Hi, this is the follow-up post to my previous story about our fashion lunch with Maria Doychinova, the designer behind the label Doychinoff. This time focusing on the label ;)

After the tasty lunch we (bloggers, designer and crew) gathered in a luxurious suite at The Ring Hotel, where we followed the presentation of Doychinoff's most recent collections, namely In Comment and Petroleum. I knew the first already from the intriguing show at the Departure Fashion Night.

What I love about Doychinoff, beside its classy style, is the fact, that every collection has a very clear and strong underlying concept.

The inspiration behind In Comment, for example, came from the ubquitious trend of unknowingly wearing political symbols as t-shirts or buttons such as the communist star or an image of Che Guevera, without even knowing the historical background of these symbols, explained Maria Doychinova. She continued, asking ourselves, what massive reactions wearing a Nazi symbol on the other hand would cause. The latter is forbidden by law by the way in Austria.

Doychinoff In Comment

Maria Doychinova presenting a medals of honor jacket,
on the left Maria | Stylekingdom

Fashion Lunch Doychinoff Medal Jacket

Petar Popov | Marketing Manager

Petar Popov | Marketing Manager Doychinoff

Doychinoff Petroleum

Her latest collection Petroleum deals with another current topic, our massive dependance on oil. So many products including synthetic fabrics in fashion need petroleum for their production, again a fact that broadly goes unnoticed, but is pointed out by Doychinoff.

Fashion Lunch Doychinoff Petroleum

Doychinoff Symbioun

Model in front the painting by Iskren Iliev
Trousers made of aluminium plates and over 2000 rivets

Doychinoff Symbioun Painting Iskar Iliev

Fashion Bloggers Roundtable

Style Kitchen, Bikinis & Passports, Cooloutfit, Stylekingdom, Colazione a Roma, h.anna, Fanfarella, Modeltalk, Blica

Fashion Lunch The Bloggers

Viktoria | Modeltalk

Viktoria from Modeltalk

Leni | Style Kitchen

Leni from Style Kitchen

Julia | Fanfarella

Julia from Fanfarella

Vicky | Bikinis & Passports

Vicky from Bikinis & Passports

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Fashion Lunch Doychinoff

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