crime and punishment

crime and punishment

2011-06-21 17:50 | Comments: 0

The artistically most challenging show of the 11 Festival: #06 crime and punishment by Japanese fashion label writtenafterwards.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, what began as a fancy fashion show with joyfully smirking children in wooly outfits, had a bizarre ending.

In fact, the performance, or fashion activity as the Japanese artist Yoshikazu Yamagata calls it, was a bold translation of two difficult topics into the space of fashion, well executed with a lot of details (cloth hangers, ropes, oversized clothspins, innocent children carrying crosses, long hair covering the sentenced bodies).

The number six collection #06 crime and punishment is not one of those easy, fast, and aesthetically pleasant shows, but you actually need to engage with the concept to understand and appreciate the fashion.

#06 crime and punishment

Photo credit: writtenafterwards

#06 crime and punishment big bra writtenafterwards

#06 crime and punishment boy in church writtenafterwards

#06 crime and punishment

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