La Pianiste: Distances, Intrigue & Obsession

La Pianiste: Distances, Intrigue & Obsession

2011-04-11 15:10 | Comments: 3

Trio En Mi Bemol Majeur, Op. 100: Andante Con Moto — Franz Schubert

Video credit: The Last Magazine

Hi, I love this piano trio by Franz Schubert, which accompanies this short film by Simon Cave. It is about three women (Lily Kwong, Alyssa Miller and Pauline Van Der Cruysse) depicting distances, intrigue, and seduction.

The musical masterpiece also reminds me of the film Die Klavierspielerin (The Piano Teacher, La Pianiste) by Michael Haneke. A great movie, but one of those, that are extremely hard to watch, because it deals with social issues, obsession and failure, but does not offer any solution. I have seen people leaving the cinema, because they cannot bear the spiral of negative emotion and pain. Something not unusual for a Haneke movie, I believe.

Die Klavierspielerin (La Pianiste, 2001)
German Trailer
International Trailer

Franz Schubert
Trio En Mi Bemol Majeur, Op. 100

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Happy to find someone with similar tastes! La Pianiste it's definitely a piece of art and Isabelle Huppert is beyond compare. She can easily stun the audience by just looking at the camera!

@rue du tabac: totally agree, Isabelle Huppert's performance was breathtaking, and I am happy I am not the only one admiring the movie.

So weird! I came to your blog through IFB, and all of a sudden I'm reading your post about Simon and Lily--two friends of my boyfriend. Glad to see they're getting their name out there!

x Elizabeth /

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